CAT is a large-scale dataset built for co-saliency detection. It's an extension of the existing salient object detection (SOD) datasets with considerations of grouping and object co-occurrence.

  • Grouping: .
  • Object co-occurrence: .

Basic Statistics

CAT has a total of 74,250 images, evenly distributed in 9 sub-sets. These sub-sets are divided by the following two indicators:

  • SIZE ('Tiny', 'Middle', 'Large'): Relative size proportional to the size of the input image. Here we choose 'Tiny'=0.2, 'Middle'=0.3, and 'Large'=0.4.
  • NUM ('Double', 'Triple', 'Quadruple'): The number of sampled object(s) put in the image. Here we choose 'Double'=1, 'Triple'=2, 'Quadruple'=3.


You are free to choose and download whatever combincation you need.

'Tiny' 'Middle' 'Large'
'Double' [Google Drive] [Google Drive] [Google Drive]
'Triple' [Google Drive] [Google Drive] [Google Drive]
'Quadruple' [Google Drive] [Google Drive] [Google Drive]


If you find this work useful, please cite the following papers:

title={Learning to Detect Salient Objects with Image-level Supervision},
author={Wang, Lijun and Lu, Huchuan and Wang, Yifan and Feng, Mengyang and Wang, Dong, and Yin, Baocai and Ruan, Xiang}, 


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Junhao Liu

SIAT, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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